PERCEPTIO by Createur 5 D'emotions and Iqonique Class Studio

Art experiment for 5 senses, combining visual arts with aroma sensations. 15 Romanian artists were invited to create a work of art, having a perfume they knew nothing about as an inspiration. The artists spent several months in the "company" of the perfume, inspiring them to create sculpture, paintings, photography, poetry and art installations. The name and the nature of the perfume was revealed to the artists as well as to the public, at the event. The exhibition was hosted by Iqonique Class Studio, a unique design concept store in the heart of Bucharest  The sensorial experience was provided by the association between the artwork and the smell of the perfume called Bosque, created by famous perfumer Christophe Laudamiel for the house of HUMIECKI & GRAEF. A niche perfume, known only by connoisseurs. Camelia Sucu was the Art Angel of the exhibition. Over 250 guests attended the event, among them journalists, architects, designers, art collectors and high profile members of the business community. Some of the artwork can be seen bellow.