OAR - Architects’ Ball and Architecture Conference

Once a year The Romanian Order of Architects (OAR) is calling upon the architects from all over the country to get together and participate to a special Architecture Conference and a gala dinner. The agency organized both events, alongside the internal team of the Order. The conference was hosted by The Ark. Key note speaker arch. Peter Bishop talked about how important is to invest in public spaces that generate revenues and attract educated people and tourists, giving several examples such as 440 USD investment  made by Chicago authorities in a public space that later generated over 6 billion USD.

Among the speakers: Arch. Șerban Țigănaș, President of OAR, arch. Șerban Sturdza Vice President Pro Patrimonio and Vice President OAR, Adrian Majuru (historian, PhD in Human Geography), personalities Dan C Mihailescu, Stelian Tănase and prof. dr. Arch. Nicolae Lascu. Dialog upon public spaces, the situation of Matache area and alternative solutions, architecture books of editorial and scientific value etc. Over 300 guests attending, among which the Chief Architect of Bucharest, cultural personalities, architects, NGO’s and students.

At night the Gala Dinner from Snagov Palace featured artists like Răzvan Mazilu, Grigore Leșe, ROA – Rise of Artificial performing for many special guests and hundreds of architects from all over the country.