DELTA DESIGN is the Romanian leading retailer in luxury home design and market leader in ceramic tiles retail. Their portfolio includes ceramic tiles, sanitaryware, brassware, special floor decorations, terrazzo, natural stone, wood floors, epoxidic floors, wall paper etc. They currently held 40% of the luxury interior design market and 15 locations troughout the country. Their team includes 300 employees. They also own the largest concept store of its kind in Romania.

PZP is a young bureau of architecture that already confirmed their expertise and creativity by winning the Grand Prize of the local „Annual of architecture” in 2010 and a nomination for another one of their buildings in 2007. They designed important landmarks in Bucharest, such as Olympia Tower, Victoria Center and others. For more information please visit www.pzp.ro

TIVOLI AUDIO is an icon brand founded by legendary inventor Henry Kloss and a highly apreciated designer of hi fi products, Tom DeVesto. The Tivoli products are targeting a niche of consumers that value high end radios, players and sound systems. They are mostly appraised for their icon design, featured in many videos and corporate images of other luxury brands, but also for the quality of sound. The local distributor contacted the agency in order to implement a PR communication campaign for the launch of this nishe brand in Romania. The launch was only PR based.

ZIP STUDIO - architecture bureau
One of the leading architecture bureaus in Romania, who so far has kept a low profile, concentrating on the professional opportunities in Romania and other countries. The two founding members are arh. Marius Calin and arh. Roxana Rosca. Marius Calin had his own architecture company in New York, after completing his studies in USA, and was invited to teach in several architectural schools in New York. Marius Calin and Roxana Rosca also worked on markets like Taiwan and Singapore. Roxana Rosca was also part of the team in the second largest interior design company in Asia. Their work was featured on Architecture Daily and other internationally prestigious architecture sites and publications.

FABRYO Corporation - leading paint producer
Communication during the rebranding process, in going from GuzuChim to FABRYO COPORATION, marketing and corporate communication, communication during the take over of the majority stake by investment fund Oresa Ventures, launch of Savana with Teflon, spokesperson positioning, internal communication, special projects etc

COLGATE PALMOLIVE – leading producer of oral care and personal care products
Marketing and corporate communication, spokesperson positioning etc.

OTP BANK – the bank provides corporate and retail services
Launch of OTP BANK in Romania, spokesperson positioning, corporate and marketing communication, CSR projects, internal communication, assistance during the time when the company intended to participate to the CEC privatisation.

XEROX ROMANIA joined the A51 project as part of their communication strategy with the Romanian architects. They are secondary partners for this event book. The agency also provided brief consultancy for the relationship of the company with the local bureaus of architecture. The account is held on a long term bases by Premium Communication.